Corvette Grays Side by Side

C7 Gray Metallic Comparison – Can You Tell the Difference?

What’s with all of the different dark gray paint colors that Chevrolet continues to come out with for the Corvette?

First Cyber Gray Metallic, then Watkins Glen Gray Metallic, and now Shadow Gray Metallic… all in basically a 5 year period.  Gray has been one of Corvette’s top colors, yet they continue to tinker with it year after year after year.

I mean, I bought a 2019 Vette in Watkins Glen Gray and just a few months later, in the same model year, they came out with Shadow Gray.

Is it the pursuit for perfection?  Is it someone trying to justify their salary?  Who knows?

All I know is that if the “normal” car hound saw all three cars at different times, they probably would think that they’re all the same.

Would you?

Here’s a side by side comparison, all taken under the same lighting – can you see a noticeable difference?

Corvette Grays Side by Side

The New Shadow Gray Metallic seems to have a slightly bluish tint compared to the slightly greenish tint of the Watkins Glen Gray Metallic, and the truer “gray” gray of the Cyber Gray Metallic – but do you really think that anyone is going to Chevrolet saying, “I really love gray, but the gray you have is just not right?”

I can’t see it.  I mean, the Watkins Glen Gray Metallic was the third most popular color last year.  Is the new Shadow Gray Metallic going to surpass Black and White as their two most sold choices – probably not.

Anyways – I love my Watkins Glen Gray Metallic, but I bet I’d love the Shadow Gray Metallic just the same… but maybe not!

Long live the Corvette and their long line of grays.

What’s your favorite?  Feel free to comment below.

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Photo courtesy of MacMulkin Corvette

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