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DIY Soundproofing for your Corvette… for $25

Quite possibly the last thing you think of when buying a car is soundproofing it. I know I didn’t. When I bought my Corvette Grand Sport Coupe in May 2018, it was a dream come true – I first saw the Stingray in 2014 and loved it, but thought it might just be a phase… so I waited… and looked… and waited some more. Four years later, I still loved it and still thought it was one of the most beautiful cars I’d ever seen.

2019 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe

I ended up buying the Grand Sport version, and I haven’t been disappointed – BUT (yes, the big BUT), the car is loud. Yes, I expected the engine to be loud and I love its throaty growl, but what I didn’t love so much was the road noise. On my 175 mile drive home from the dealership (which was an awesome run for my first ride, btw), one of the first things I noticed was excessive noise coming from the rear compartment. I had expected some, because the coupe doesn’t have a partition between the front and rear – but I hadn’t been expecting it to be so loud that I had to crank up the radio to drown it out.

So, when I got the baby home I started researching soundproofing solutions for the rear compartment to block out the noise. And… one thing I noticed is that there aren’t a lot of options out there.

Your Soundproofing options are basically:

Option 1) Custom sound deadening and insulation: This is a completely customized option, where someone is going to pull up your car’s carpet and install custom-cut acoustical soundproofing materials. This is definitely the best option in terms of cutting down road noise and providing some insulation from the road (which cuts down on the heat in cabin). It is also a very expensive option – with insulation and installation starting at about $800 and running up to $1500 depending on your installer.

Option 2) Block-It sound deadening product: This is a completely plug-and-play option and takes about two minutes to install. Basically, this product comes with three pre-cut insulation panels – one that you place in you trunk, and two that you install behind your seats – and it works great. You can immediately tell that the road and tire noise is cut down quite a bit. I love the noise reduction from the soundproofing material… but it is a bit expensive (about $250), and it’s not very pretty – so you will definitely need to put your rear rug back on top of it (which also adds a layer of soundproofing).

Block-It soundproofing installed
Block-it soundproofing

And that’s it in terms of products – So, $800-1500 for a professionally installed product or $250 for a two-minute installed product.

I went with the Block-It and I love it… but I can’t keep from thinking that I overpaid for a bit of cut foam.

So… I kept digging and found a $20-25 DIY solution that might just fit the bill.

Option 3) DIY Soundproofing – A very inexpensive way to combat some of the cabin noise from the rear of the car is something that you can construct on your own in about one hour – and you can show off your handy skills to your friends! On Amazon, there is a set of 3/4″ thick foam tiles that are marketed as an exercise mat, but function great as soundproofing material. They’re called BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles and they come in 1/2″ and 3/4″ thick varieties – with the 1/2″ ones for just $20 and the 3/4″ option for only $5 more ($25) – you don’t need much of this product to cover your trunk.

How to complete DIY Soundproofing:

* Buy Soundproofing Mat
* Connect mat pieces together
* Remove Stingray rear cargo mat from Covette
* Place Stingray rear cargo mat on top of connected soundproofing mat
* Trace outline of Stingray rear cargo mat on soundproofing mat
* Cut mat along outline
* Install soundproofing mat in Corvette
* Put Stingray rear cargo mat on top

Soundproofing TIles
Soundproofing Tiles Installed


There will be plenty of extra matting leftover, which you can use while working on your car – especially when kneeling down when installing mods and cleaning your wheels.

Have fun.

I’d love to see how your projects go, and will post photos of your completed work, so please comment below and/or email me at


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