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Freebies! Celebrate our success with us @ Vetteblog.com

Freebies!  Freebies!  Freebies!  Who doesn’t love them?

I know I love Freebies!

When Vetteblog.com was established waaaaaaaaay back on August 3rd, I had high hopes and high aspirations, but little in the way of expectations.  I had no experience with websites, no experience with blogging, and very little experience with Corvettes (outside of owning my 2019 Grand Sport since May).

But in this short time, I’ve learned so much:

  1. I built a blog – Vetteblog.com – You may say, “Hey, building a blog is easy!”, but coming up with a format that is simple, readable, and user-friendly is harder than you think!
  2. I made my first post and introduced myself to the world
  3. I posted my first “helpful” article based on my experience – “How to Wash Your Car Like A Pro“, which spawned spirited debate from my followers
  4. I wrote my first “DIY” article – “DIY Soundproofing For Your Corvette… for $25
  5. I installed my first real mod – Oracle Side Markers, and posted about it – “Mods! Mods! Mods!
  6. I attended my first large car show, Corvettes at Carlisle, and had a great time!
  7. I established a Forum, where readers could chat with each other about car-related topics and post pictures of their rides.  I really hope that this forum takes off… though it hasn’t yet.
  8. And now I’ve reached 1000 newsletter subscribers – So thank you for everyone who continues to support me and my passion.

To celebrate these successes, I wanted to share with you a small token of my appreciation – 2000 e-books.  These e-books span a variety of topics – from Automotive, to Babies, to Blogging, and so on and so on.  Some of these articles are actually quite good, and have helped me build my blog.  Some of these articles are just plain crap.  But who knows… you might find something you enjoy while perusing them.

Download your free e-books here:

Part 1 – E-books Part 1

Part 2 – E-books Part 2

If you find any favorites, please share them with your me and your fellow subscribers in the Comments section and our Forum.

Thanks again for your continued support!  I hope we can continue to grow together.

Robert @ Vetteblog.com

2019 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe Freebies

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