Oracle Side Markers

Mods! Mods! Mods! I got my Oracle Side Markers installed!

As you may have read last week, I received a set of Oracle Side Markers (and I posted a photo of the box in one of my blog entries)… and today I got them installed and am totally psyched by the results.

But before I wax poetic about this simple but beautiful mod, I probably have to explain what side markers actually are.  Side markers on the C7 Corvette are basically light-up reflectors that turn on when the parking lights or headlights (only at night) are on.

Corvette Side Markers

Anyways, the ones that come on the Corvette don’t make any sense to me… why have a perfectly great car with beautiful paint and awesome lines and then ruin it by sticking orange and red reflectors on it?

Well, I hated them and started a hunt for something to replace them.

Now, most people who hate the Corvette side markers like I do simply cover them with a dark tinted vinyl.  This looks pretty good, and it’s a super-inexpensive mod, but it does reduce the efficiency of the lights a little, it’ll peel after a year or two… and, most of all, you still can see the orange and red peeking through the tint.  But, if you’re looking for a sub-$20, easy to install, mod here’s a link to a nice set of them – SlickMods Vinyl Side Markers

However, I decided that if I’ve already spent over $70k on a car, wouldn’t I want to make it look as good as I possibly could?  So I went searching for (and found, yay!) a set of replacement side markers – they’re not cheap (the cheapest unpainted side markers retail for $250… and the painted/ghosted ones I bought retail for over $500), but they look awesome!  [Unpainted Oracle Side Markers on Amazon]

FYI – You can check out all of the Oracle Side Markers (painted, unpainted, clear, tinted, ghosted, etc) on their website at… but if you want a set of these markers I can get you a decent discount (10-15% off) – just email me at and I’ll get you a price quoted.

Anyways, I installed mine today and I’m thrilled with them. Here’s a pic of how they look in the daytime on my car.

Oracle Side Markers

And here’s a pic of how they look at night. Pretty cool, right?

Oracle Side Markers
I really love how such a small mod makes the car look totally different – please comment and let me know what you think of them!

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  1. Rob, the oracle side lights look great. I spoke with you on the phone when you were having them installed at Corvettes of Westchester. I’m interested in getting them for my Grand Sport. Did you get the ghosted painted? How do I get the discount you referred to?

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