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Top 5 Corvette Shows

As I’ve recently learned, Corvette shows are an awesome and fun way to spend a weekend (or even just a few hours). Not only do you get an up-close view of all generations of America’s classic sports car in one place, you also get to meet a great community of enthusiasts from around the country who share in your love for the car itself.

Below is my list of the five most popular Corvette shows in the nation, so mark your calendar and plan a trip to one soon!

1. Corvettes at Carlisle – Carlisle, PA

Easily the largest of all the Corvette shows, Corvettes at Carlisle typically features 5,000+ Corvettes including rarities from ever era, from all over the country. There’s a parade, an area designated for burnouts, as well as an auto cross for attendees to show of their driving ability. The show also features a ton of memorabilia for sale, along with a swap meet that usually features some of the hardest to find Corvette parts that you just have to have. The show takes place in August typically, and you can get all the details here.

Corvettes at Carlisle

Next Event: Aug 22-25, 2019
Adult Admission: (Per Person/No Vehicle) – $20 Daily Thursday-Saturday / $10 Daily Sunday 

2. Big Cypress Corvette Classic – Jefferson, TX

Taking place every June on the east side of Texas, the Big Cypress Corvette Classic takes over the local city streets and fills them with America’s favorite sports car. Among some of the more special events: a dinner cruise, live music, and car demonstrations. The show itself is free, which results in a typical drawing of thousands of Corvette enthusiasts. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Next Event: Typically the first weekend in June

3. The ‘Vette Set’ – Redondo Beach, CA

Early in May, head over to Redondo Beach, in Southern California (just south of L.A.) to check out the Vette Set, which has been taking place every year since 1965. Making this event even more worthwhile is the fact that all profits from this club’s private and public events go to charitable organizations. Do note, though, that in order to draw a larger crowd, this show is no longer limited to Corvettes only. Instead it calls upon all automotive enthusiasts to bring down their favorite cars to show off, regardless of make and model. You can find out more on their site.

Next Event: Typically late April/early May

4. Boardwalk Corvette Show – Ocean City, NJ

One of the most popular Corvette Shows on the east coast is the Boardwalk Corvette Show, taking place each September on the New Jersey Boardwalk. The one-day show now starts the night prior, when hundreds of Corvettes descend on the area for a Saturday night pre-party. The event is also referred to as “A Day at the Beach – Corvette Style” and it has different generations of the classic sports car, often with themes based on specific selections like movies or songs. All of the information is available here.

Next Event: September 22 2019

5. All American Car Show – San Diego, CA

Finally, it’s worth checking out San Diego’s All American Car Show, which was started by the Corvette Owners Club of San Diego in 1956, but has since grown to include other makes and models as well. The show has a ton of entertainment to offer, not to mention hundreds of awesome Vettes that show up each year. All profits support the San Diego Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired. And that’s not to mention it’s a weekend spent enjoying the beautiful San Diego weather too! The show happens in June, and the Facebook page with more info is here.

Next Event: Typically mid July

If you know of any other car shows that ought to receive a mention here, please let me know and I’ll add it!

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