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Top 9 Car Detailing Kit of 2018 – Our Choices

If you’re a car lover like me, you probably enjoy washing your car. Whether you have a brand new sports car or a 20-year-old hand-me-down, there’s something satisfying about driving around in a freshly washed, waxed, and polished vehicle. From basic, no-frills sets to all-inclusive options with all the bells and whistles, these detailing kits will have your ride looking squeaky clean from grille to tailpipe. So, here are our top car detailing kit choices for 2018.

The car detailing kits below represent a variety of different manufacturers and price points, and depending on your needs, one of these should definitely be able to do the job for you.

9. Chemical Guys Complete

With the included TorqX Dual Action Polisher, the Chemical Guys Complete can do everything from shining your paint job to removing stains from carpets and upholstery. It quickly spreads wax into a thin, even layer, and has a heat management function to prevent burns. With the included buffer/polisher, this is one of the most expensive (but also most complete) car detailing kits on the list at around $199. SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

8. Armor All Complete Care

The Armor All Complete Care bundles together a wash and wax, tire foam, protectant spray, and 25 convenient glass wipes that will keep your windows crystal clear. It may not contain as many products as some other options, but it’s a decent package, especially for the price point. At $9.99, this is definitely the cheapest car detailing kit on the list – but will do the job, and makes a great gift for a car lover. SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

7. Turtle Wax Quick and Easy

Each solution in the Turtle Wax Quick and Easy is a single-step formula, so you can get the job done without spending half your day waxing and polishing. With just four products, your entire vehicle will be squeaky clean in no time. Another lesser expensive, but totally usable car detailing kit, for $22.99. SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

6. Mothers California Gold System

The Mothers California Gold System uses a clay bar to gently remove dust, dirt, tree sap, and any other undesirable particles that are tough to get rid of with a normal wash. When combined with the Instant Detailer spray, the result is a smooth, super shiny finish. This is *not* a complete detailing kit, but if you need to clay bar your car to remove sticky road grit, this is the kit for you – at just around $20 SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

5. Chemical Guys Drought-Buster

If you live in an area with strict water restrictions, try the Chemical Guys Drought-Buster, a rinse-free wash and wax. After you’ve sprayed it on, the solution lifts dirt from the surface and suspends it, so that it can be wiped away easily with a cloth. A pretty cool waterless car detailing kit on sale for $39.99. SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

4. Griot’s Garage Starter

Make your ride look brand new again with the Griot’s Garage Starter. The wash is pH-balanced and safe for all paint types, and the wheel cleaner is approved by BBS, the company that manufactures rims for Ferrari, Porsche, and Lotus. If you’re new to Griot’s products, this is a nice kit to try out a few of them. Personally, I swear by their Speed Shine! SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

3. Chemical Guys Wash Bucket

If you’re looking for an all-in-one package, consider the Chemical Guys Wash Bucket. In addition to cleaners for the body, wheels, and windows, it also includes a gloss-enhancing spray and a creamy butter wax that protects against UV rays. At $99, this kit is a steal. But right now (as of 12/21/2018) get an additional 20% off with instant-click coupon to bring the kit down to $80! SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

2. TriNova Complete Car Detailing Kit

Combining NINETEEN full-sized products (including all accessories/applicators), the TriNova Complete Car Detailing Kit gives you everything you need to clean and shine your entire vehicle from top to bottom. The concentrated cleaning solution removes dirt all over, while the tire spray and trim restorer focus on the details. SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

1. Meguiar’s Complete Car Detailing Kit

With 12 premium products to clean, shine and protect your paint, interior, wheels, bumpers and everything in between, Meguiar’s Complete will have your vehicle sparkling inside and out. It’s perfect for the enthusiast who’s building up a cleaning collection from scratch. SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

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