Welcome to my Vette Life – Intro to my Corvette Blog

2019 Corvette Grand Sport - Watkins Glen Grey
Pre-purchase detail on my 2019 Corvette Grand Sport – Watkins Glen Grey


Hi, and welcome to my Corvette blog!  My name is Rob, and I finally become a 1st-time proud Corvette owner at the ripe-old age of 41 on May 4th, 2018 when I picked up my brand new, shiny 2019 Watkins Grey Corvette Grand Sport Coupe from Kerbeck down in Atlantic City. So, not only did I hit the jackpot down in A.C., I was able to start my Cinco de Mayo celebration a day early with a beautiful and sunny 100+ mile journey home back to Westchester, NY – I could not have asked for a better break-in ride!

Now, I’m not afraid to admit this right up front – I have never written a blog entry before (so I welcome any and all suggestions you might have for my Corvette blog – please add comments on the form beneath this posting) and I don’t know exactly what format and form my ramblings will ultimately take, but I will say that I’m excited to share my Corvette experiences with you.  This, I hope, will be an excellent journey for me and for you, and maybe we’ll all learn a thing or two from one another.

Here on my Corvette blog, I’ll be posting about experiences with my own Corvette, as well as car shows I attend, trips I take, and tips and tricks I pick up along the way.

Additionally, if YOU’D like to add any content to my Corvette blog, please email me at robert@vetteblog.com or comment below.  I’m very much open to sharing this blog with my readers, and would love to work on adding good content with you.

Anyways, I’m very much looking forward to spending time discussing the “Vette Life” with you , so please follow my Corvette blog and check back often right here at vetteblog.com


8 thoughts on “Welcome to my Vette Life – Intro to my Corvette Blog

    1. There’s always room for another vette – Though I will say, the C7 will depreciate quite a bit over the next few years, while that C2 will only go up in value. Of course, the C2 needs quite a bit more in the way of upkeep.

      Either way, enjoy what you have – I’m sure it’s a beauty.

  1. I was born in ’44 and seen my first vette in ’66 and bought my first vette while I was posted in Germany in 2003 and it was a Z06. Bought my next vette in November ’17 as a Christmas present, it was a 2004 Z06. I always wanted a 1957 but too expensive for me.

    1. Those older vettes are awesome. I looked at buying a C3 (1971) Big Block when I was looking for my first vette, but decided on a brand new one instead. Though the ’71 would have reminded me of my youth, I knew I couldn’t use it as a daily driver… and I love driving my vette every day

  2. Welcome to the Corvette family! Bought mine over 2 years ago, made many friends so far. It truly is a lifestyle. Join our big group on Facebook, Simply Corvettes. Thanks and may you have many miles of smiles! @corvetteruth ?

    1. Thanks! I’m in the process of setting up Facebook, but I’m active on Instagram (@vetteblogger) and Twitter (@Bloggervette) and Pinterest (pinterest.com/vetteblog/). Check me out there!

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